Way to go !

Loving this platform and as yet I have not done an intro post, but I will do one soon. In this post I want to say I have bought  myself another synergy pack with my earnings so far.

Synergy Traffic is the platform I am talking about and it is working a treat. I started off as a free member, earning little bits here and there. The main reason it was only little bits and bobs was because I couldn’t understand the platform. I would give up and walk away, then I would see someone advertising it and I would log back in again. Each time I got my head around it that little bit more until eventually it clicked with me.

The site itself is not that difficult to understand, it was just me and my little old head. It is straight forward. You can surf the traffic exchange, cash links, wall offers, facebook likes and a traffic grid. As a free member not all is available to you and to be honest it would take forever to earn, you got to be in it to win it as the saying goes and in this case I am talking about being a paid member. You can earn from people you refer into the business under yourself. When I first started out you received points for each referral but as usual some people abuse the system and had to change the way the site was run. So sadly at the moment you don’t receive points for the referrals you sign up. You do receive commissions on purchases your downline pay out for.

I qickly realised the best way to go with this platform is to upgrade as quickly as possible and buy a synergy pack or packs. So I purchased a 30 day starter upgrade and bought a starter gear 2 synergy pack. It means I have to surf 30 ads a day which can be frustrating but I choose to do it this way.

I have upgraded a second month and bought myself four synergy packs so far. Each time my earnings increase and it gets quicker for me to buy my next synergy pack. I have not put any more money into this platform, I am just building my earnings and using them to increase my earnings. Easy.

My next step is to upgrade to the 30 days synergized. This means I have access to buying larger synergy packs and I will only have to surf 12 ads per day. Each day I get closer to this goal. Then my next step will be not only buying more synergy packs but to start withdrawing as well.

I will have my next upgrade and synergy pack from my earnings within the next five days. WTG!!

Recommended platform both from earning and for placing your advertisments.



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