Turn 0.001 into 0.003 over and over

TeambuilderBTC has changed!

It is now giving people with low BTC in their wallets a chance to build and get a fatter wallet. 0.001 (approx $5 – $6) to buy some ad credits. As a thank you bonus you are then entered into a 1 x 2 matrix. A fast cycler. You start with the Chicken feeder, cycle into The Big Bird and cycle out with 0.003 automatically into your wallet. Simple!

Do this a few times and you then have the BTC to join other programs to increase your Bitcoin more. As part of The Early Birds team we recommend you join Crypto-builder another fantastic matrix that has the potential to last a long time.

To make these programs work for you it is advised you don’t just join and then sit back and do nothing, this doesn’t help the other team members or yourself. Become part of a hard working team and reap the rewards.

Watch the video, just a quick overview. Join The Early Birds HERE.

Like what you see? and think this is for you? Then please join TeambuilderBTC HERE and Crypto-builder HERE.

I do hope you join use and I personally wish you success.


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