Intro to Teambuilder BTC

TeamBuilderBTC was started around the 26th October 2017 By Jim Watts.

This program was designed to pay faster. It is an advertising platform. You buy advertising credits to advertise other programs you are in. Each level is a different priceĀ  and different amounts of advertising credits. You are paying for 125×125 advertising and text ads. I have been in this since the beginning, I know Jim and in my personal opinion Jim is a great guy who is very trustworthy and cares that people are actually earning.

I know I am having great results from the advertising I have placed on the website. I am also hearing feedback from other members who are also getting good conversions with their advertising.

As a massive bonus everytime you purchase ad credits you are automatically placed into a 1 x 2 cycler. The cycler is designed to be fast moving and is also company forced. Members who buy ad credits are placed in the cycler from left to right. When two people fall under you, you are automatically paid. NO having to withdraw funds, NO waiting for it to be approved, it goes automatically, instantly into your wallet. Ok like every program you have to wait for the blockchain confirmations but as you are waiting you can see your bitcoin has arrived into the wallet.

All payments are paid in bitcoin. Buying the ad credits you have a choice of a few different cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and litecoin are the two main ones. My advice would be to use litecoin as the fee’s are lower and the payment is confirmed a lot quicker than the bitcoin.

As you purchase the different levels other bonuses are opened up to you. I would take advantage of these amazing bonuses for free to help with your marketing. Each bonus has a different value and you will not get anything like it anywhere else.

Also being a member of Team Builder BTC there is a support facebook group which you will have access to and there is also The Early Birds facebook group. Click HERE to join the early birds. A great bunch of helpful people.

In my next write up on Team Builder BTC I will cover different categories in more depth. If this program is of an interest to you, you might want to check it out in more depth. Click HERE to go to the website.


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