This is a great marketing tool for anyone who is looking for advertising and needs capture pages.

I have been using this for a good few months now and it is working a treat. My adverts are converting, the caputre pages I have build are getting signups and I am also earning 50% from every sale. This morning I quickly checked my JVzoo account to find another payment from leadpageplus. This payment was from a new sign up and hopefully I will receive another payment from them next month and the month after and so on.

It is free to join leadpageplus and use it but as a free member you are limited to only so much of the program. To use it’s full potential you are better off upgrading.

As a free member you can advertise three of the programs you are in and you can create five capture pages. The idea is you set it up and give it away for free. Anyone who accepts and joins will see your advertising and will hopefully sign up for your other programs.

As an upgraded member there are approx seven programs you can add. It is three of your choice, and a video. Then you have other programs inside like getresponse, adsearnbitcoin where you can add your referral links if you are a member of these programs. You can also create up to 50 capure pages. There are templates you can use, backgrounds etc that create great capture pages.

Also as an upgraded member you can become an affiliate. There are two payment options, monthly or yearly and anyone who upgrades under yourself you will get 50%. Plus you are giving this program away. Anyone signing under you will get to see your adverts and if they decide to sign up to any of them thats extra earning potential.

The person who signup today on my referral also upgraded, I received $8.50 which I will receive every month he is a member. He also signed up for one of the programs I am advertising on there. Hopefully he will upgrade on that program and thats more money in my pocket.

I will be doing a video soon for leadpageplus and add it on this blog. There are a few video’s on youtube from members if you wish to see more on this program. Click the banner below to check it out and you have nothing to lose by signing up and giving it away for free. Give it a shot. You never know this might be just what you have been looking for. It will certainly help with your marketing.


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