Network advertising with a big bonus.

Things are changing. We have been relying on social media for advertising all our different business opportunities. What if all of a sudden social media no longer exists. With all the different rules and regulations this isn’t so far fetched.

Are you seeing everyone’s posts? What about the groups? bet you are getting posts flagged. This is also causing problems running the groups. Posts no longer loading and no matter how much you report it, it is not getting the problems solved.

Time to start looking outside the social media box! I am not saying stop using social media, I am just saying these days it is starting to become not enough. This is where places like are needed and becoming more and more popular.

TeambuilderBTC is a network advertising website for people who are into marketing. You can buy yourself network advertising credits at a good price. Your advert is then rotated in many different places. Other peoples websites, landing pages, all The Early Birds websites. They are showing up on places like and other traffic exchanges. I am also personal putting all my landing pages on Leasedadspace reaching even more people. These ads are reaching 1000’s of people everyday and the numbers are growing.

Checkout the FAQ’s page to see some of the sites the network ad bar has been placed on HERE.

Not only is it a network ads website you will also receive a bonus with every network ad package you purchase. Meaning you are earning as well as advertising your programs.

Here’s how it works.

Buy advertising package. Bonus – get placed in a cycler. Advertise your programs and hopefully earn MONEY. Cycle out and earn MONEY. Basically your advertising is paid for and it has put extra in your wallet, plus anything you also earn from your ads being seen and converting. TOP and BOTTOM of it, quality advertising costing next to nothing and lining your pocket once cycled. What have you got to lose?

See image below for the advertising packages and bonus rewards. Don’t lose out, don’t just rely on social media.


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