Go4bitcoin Welcome

Welcome to go4bitcoin.

If you have visited before you will notice a change. Yep instead of a website I have decided to change it to a blog. Not sure if this is going to work or not but wont know unless I tried.

Here you will find programs that I am in that are actually paying. Affiliate products I am promoting. I will be as honest as I can about any program but bare in mind it is only from my point of view and you may have different experiences or a completely different opinion or view.

I will post any news article I find interesting or think you might find interesting. Same with video’s. Here you will find the video’s I create and other peoples video’s.

Hope you enjoy your visit and come back from time to time. Have a good look at the different programs as and when I post them. I may post screenshots of payments I receive on some of the programs. This is a tricky one because of people out their who photoshop their earning, in fact I came across a great video recently about this subject. If I can find it again I will post it for everyone to see.

If I feel I have an opinion on something I will post it. It maybe something positive but it could also be a rant 🙂

Enjoy your stay folks.

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