Free investments making you rich

Today I am left pondering how people are expecting to earn money for FREE? Is it possible to start with nothing and become rich?

I guess it is possible and people have managed to do it, but even if they have not invested money in the first place, they must have invest time to make it work.

Looking on my facebook account today I have seen countless posts about join this or that for free and earn this amount or that amount. People seem to be eager to get referrals no matter what. Do they seriously believe they are attracting the right kind of people into their business?

Then I came across a reply to a post I made in a group for adsearnbitcoin. I posted the amount of members that are now on the site and said lets see if we can get this up to 2000 by the end of the weekend. One person has replied on this post, which I must say is very unusual. Here is the comment “if im a gold member i can make it 3k in just 2 weeks but i don’t have money to upgrade” Now what are people expecting? They are going to earn that amount of money in just two weeks? Especially as a gold member when they can not even upgrade to a gold member. FREE FREE FREE!! No doubt this person was expecting for someone to come along and say “hey here is the money for you to upgrade to gold” and then the guy would probably sit on his backside expecting the 3K to come rolling in without doing any work. Errr sorry but I don’t this is how it works.

I also got a private message from someone who was interested in my business …… yes I knew what was going to follow and sad to say I was right. I think you can guess what was coming there.

Well people it is time to wake up (and thank God not everyone is like this, but it is suprising how many people are.) Wake up and get real. If you are serious about earning money online you have to invest not only some money but your time as well, often working longer hours than you would in a J.O.B! One thing I can tell you though, it is very rewarding, even if it doesn’t bring you lots of money to start with.

Yes I am waffling here, putting my thoughts down as they pop into my head, thats me all over and I don’t think I will change on that score. But if you are serious about earning online my advice is to invest your time and work at it, don’t rely on other people, if you need referrals for your business and your earnings to move forward, work towards quality referrals and not quantity. Build your business slowly and don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. Only you can do it for yourself and then teach other people to do the same.

Good luck on your ventures and I wish you success.

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