3 Ways to Earn and Advertise Hand in Hand

To earn online you need to think about a few things.

  • Which program you want to earn from
  • Can you afford to join that program
  • How you are going to advertise that program.

Most programs these days need you to get referrals. Without the referrals it will either be very slow going to earn or no earnings at all. The video below shows three different programs I earn with. Two of these programs are advertising platforms and one is no advertising. I have grouped them together to show how I use them each helping to promote the other. Each program is working for me.

Start with TeambuilderBTC. Buy ypur network ads and as a bonus and a thank you, you are placed into a cycler. Cost – 0.001 and walk away with 0.003 automatically when you cycled into your BTC waller. Re-invest another 0.001 use your advertising credits to promote the other two programs and do this until you can buy into the next program. Dont forget to get your referral link out there.

For $7 in BTC join Leasedadspace here once again advertise TeambuilderBTC and Crypto-builder. Use the network ads in TeambuilderBTC to advertise this program and put your referral link out there. Each person you sign up pays you §7. One sale and you have the investment back. Upgrade as soon as you can for more ad credits and bigger earnings.

Once you have $20 BTC in that wallet of yours it is time to buy your first position in Crypto-builder. Make sure you are part of the early birds team are doing something that the other team are not doing that benefits everyone. Use Leasedadspace and TeambuilderBTC to advertise and get referral link all over the place.

Keep repeating the above. Cycle out of The Big Bird in TeambuilderBTC and then buy another spot. Upgrade in Leasedadspace and advertise and buy new spots in Crypto-builder.

One thing NOT to forget. You are here because you want to make money. DO NOT re-invest every penny. Keep some of your earning back and see it grow. Here’s to lots of payouts and a fat wallet. Start by feeding that chicken in TeambuilderBTC.


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